APS Reports on NEC Compliance in Afghanistan

8th June 2011  |    |  0 Comments

APS has completed a code review for critical portions of the electrical system at Camp Valdes in Kandahar, Afghanistan.  Included with the review was the design of modifications to bring the system into compliance with the 2008 National Electric Code (NEC).


Since major re-construction began in theater in 2oo1, hundreds of projects have been installed in Afghanistan to a wide range of electrical standards.  Depending on several project variables, applied code standards include everything from fully compliant NEC 2008 installations, to no standards at all.  A shortage of qualified installation tradesmen and the logistics of obtaining compliant materials in theater have contributed to these issues.


In 2009, the US Government took the primary initiative in identifying electrical code and safety issues.  In a report by the US Inspector General’s Office entitled  “Assessment of Electrical Installations in Afghanistan“, Task Force POWER (Protecting Our Warfighters and Energy Resources) and others in the command  investigated and made recommendations to the US CENTCOM on the subject.  Included in the recommendations was to create an authority to identify, assess and order corrections to non-code compliant  and hazardous installations.  The work of this authority continues to be a major priority of the command.


APS is proud to be a part of the concerted effort to protect our troops and allies serving downrange by ensuring that all support facilities are safe and functional to U.S. industry standards.


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